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Stronger together. 
Uniting employees and employers
to amplify their voice. 


The San Antonio Equity Alliance educates the public about the importance of local government, its impact on quality of life, and the critical role it plays in promoting a strong future for our vibrant and diverse community. Citizen engagement continues to dramatically decrease resulting in record-low turnout for municipal elections. Oftentimes less than 15 percent of registered voters will engage, leaving critical decisions in the hands of a small few. 


The San Antonio Equity Alliance (The Equity Alliance) is a 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization and a direct-expenditure political action committee that is committed to ensuring voters in our community are informed and involved in local elections. 

Over the past few years large well-funded out-of-state organizations have been active in our local races, disregarding the direct needs of San Antonio in favor of their single-issue national agendas. Our many chambers of commerce and trade associations actively work to bring their important voice to issues but are prohibited from supporting specific candidates and causes. The Equity Alliance fills that gap and serves as a missing voice in the conversation – those of our residents, employees, employers, and local businesses.

The Equity Alliance PAC advocates to elect city council members who believe in and

want to implement policies that create a positive environment for all of San Antonio. An

environment in which employees, workforce, and businesses can thrive and provide

individuals that live in every corner of our community with economic mobility.

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